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FIT (7_ _ _ )*

laminated RA4 photographic prints, 75 x 5O cm (each) Set of 8, 2009

Photographer: Sean Fennessy / Studio assistant: Bojana Martinovic

A series of main streets/shopping centres located in 8 diverse suburbs were videoed at the same time on the same day April 25, 2009 for one hour (12.30-1.30pm). The videos were examined and the various details of clothing and hairstyles etc. catalogued so as to determine the common ‘fashion’ specific to that place. The artist then purchased these clothes and dressed himself, and his family, according to each specific survey / postcode. A photographer took the images of the artist and his family against a ‘blue’ screen. 

* 7_ _ _ refers to the postcodes of Hobart suburbs