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polystyrene, MDF, dressed pine and plywood

9500 x 1300 x 1300 mm, 2009

James Cox (the original owner of Clarendon Estate) and his cohort were literally colonial actors on an antipodean stage. Superimposing their diverse cultural artefacts on the indigenous landscape, they sought to manufacture hierarchies; dropping titles onto themselves, and estates onto the land, like props on a set. Extensions of their sponsors’ status aspirations, facades and surfaces were choreographed to project the utmost respectability, whilst camouflaging the dark underbelly of living as a foreigner, in white man’s Terra Nullius.

poleposition is a full scale replica column designed and installed to seem part of the original Clarendon House facade. An artwork masquerading as a structural device, poleposition strives to slyly challenge the veracity of our ‘first impressions’ whilst simultaneously outing the House as an architectural ruse.

In this state of pseudo Arcadian bliss, the tropes of dynasty are portrayed as shallow illusions; tragic mechanisms orchestrated to feed the theatrics, and delusions, of grandeur.